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Robert Montgomery

busreinvented.com is the website of Robert Montgomery who has 48 years experience of the bus industry in the UK and Ireland, including 34 years in senior management positions playing a leading role in a wide range of reinvention projects from the 1980's through to now 

Current Activity

Robert Montgomery is currently Managing Director of the Riyadh Public Transportation Company - a joint venture owned by the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company and RATPDev responsible for delivering Riyadh's first citywide bus network due to launch with approximately 1,000 buses in 2019.



If buses didn’t exist, someone, somewhere would have the brilliant idea of inventing  a clean, simple, easy to use consumer product, delivering mobility as a core part of a modern city lifestyle …… a customer experience fit for the digital generation and a million miles from a traditional municipal transport department providing social transport of the last resort.  That transformation is the mission of busreinvented.com


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